Rooted in stoneThe imprint of nature, the light hand of man

Steinhaus wines are the product of the terroir and they have tremendous personality, minerality and natural acidity. Extremely contemporary wines, they are the fruit of an extraordinary microclimate, fertile, mineral soils and meticulous vineyard management characterised by low density and low yields.

Pinot Nero Hirsh nei prati del Trentino
Pinot Nero Hirsh nei prati del Trentino

VinificationTracing the path from vineyard to glass

Rigour and a subtle, elegant structure are the hallmarks of Steinhaus wines, which maintain an indissoluble link with their terroir.

The white wines and the Pinot Noir Rosé are vinified in stainless steel to maintain their freshness and aromaticity.

Our two Pinot Nero, which are both an evident and elegant expression of the grape, are blended after spending some time ageing in wood, which may be new or have been used once, twice or three times before.

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