Steinhaus, the House of StoneA place surrounded by woods, rocks and silence

Steinhaus is just a short walk from the white bell tower of Buchholz, set amongst woods, streams and vineyards.
You can hear the bells chiming at midday from the house made of stone.

High-altitude winesThe vocation of the mountains

The Adige Valley, surrounded by the Dolomite mountain chain, is one of the oldest geological areas of the Italian peninsula. The soil in which our vines grow consists of a calcareous substratum of marine origin, glacier moraines and fragments of rock dating back to the Quaternary period: a mineral soil which is extremely fertile and has excellent drainage capacity.

The winter climate is characterised by severe cold and heavy snowfall, while the summer brings frequent thunderstorms and high temperatures. This combination of Alpine and Mediterranean features makes the South Tyrolean wine-growing area unlike any other in the world.

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The Dürer TrailFollowing the footsteps of the great German Renaissance artist

The famous Dürer Trail, named after the great German Renaissance artist, runs through the estate. On his way to Venice, the artist was forced to deviate from the main road due to a flood, and the path is now a famous tourist attraction, a destination for walking and excursions.

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